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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"American Superstars" Package Coupon

"American Superstars" is a celebrity impersonation show which is at the Stratosphere on the north end of the strip. I have seen the show and most of the impersonators are pretty good although i think the ones at "Legends In Concert" at the Imperial Palace are better. But this printable coupon link that i have may make "American Superstars" worth a visit. If you click the title of the story it will take you too the coupon which is $49.50 and includes one show ticket, one dinner buffet, two drinks and a pass to the tower. The show times in the evening with no late shows so check coupon for times and the coupon expires 12/30/06.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cheap Skate Moneysaver Tips: Buffets

Okay they days of the $2.99 all you can eat buffets in Las Vegas are for the most part gone, but you can still eat well without breaking the bank. Most of the big fancy hotels on the Strip like the Paris, Bellagio, MGM and the Mirage and the like have real fancy buffets with a huge selection of unusual items from around the world. These buffets are great and i would suggest you have one at least once during your trip. But most of the time you just want to eat and get back to gambling or shopping or whatever you plan to do. In general buffets in older, smaller or off strip properties are less expensive and may not have the selection but the food is usually pretty good. The prices in buffets get more expensive generally as the day goes on so breakfast is usually cheapest and then lunch is a little more with dinner being the most expensive. Because Las Vegas is a twenty four hour town if you are out at weird hours and eat then you can save money. Most buffets don't close between sittings so if you show up just before breakfast ends and they start switching over to the lunch items you can eat the lunch items for the breakfast price and the same often works between lunch and dinner. Most hotels offer Seafood or Steak nights or Champagne Brunch, during these times the price of the buffets can raise a lot so if you are a Cheap Skate you may want to avoid these times. Discount coupons for buffets can oftend be found in the show guides in your room or hotel or in the Las Vegas Newspapers as well as in funbooks when you sign up for slot clubs. If you are playing a table game and betting for a while ask the pit boss for a comp for the buffet it doesn't hurt and quite often they will give you one or at least a discount to it.

Imperial Palace Auto Collection For Free

Okay because I'm a cheap skate there is nothing I like more than a freebie; It used to be easy to get things for free in Las Vegas but its getting harder and harder. If you click the title of this story it will take you to a printable coupon for free entry in to the great Imperial Palace Auto Collection. I have visited this museum many times and its worth the admission price of $10 but if you click the link you can get in for free. If you forget to take the coupon with you, often out front of the Imperial Palace they hand out coupons to get in to the Auto Collection for free as well if you are there at the right time.

$10 Off Coupon To "Bite" At Stratosphere

Click the title of this story for a printable coupon to $10 off the "Bite" show at the Stratosphere. The show is described as an erotic vampire show and you have to be over 18 and the show is at 10:30pm nightly except Thursdays. The coupon is for up to four guests to use and expires on 12/30/06. The show may not be a must see but it is one of the least expensive shows on the strip and with the coupon even less expensive.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Penn & Teller $10 Off Coupon Link

The Rio is offering a $10 off coupon on its website for the popular Penn & Teller show in the the Rio. The coupon is good for up to two tickets and expires on 12/30/06 and can be printed online and taken to the Rio Box Office to redeem. You also must be a Total Rewards slot club member but if you are not its easy and free to sign up. Click on the title of this story to be taken to the Rio Penn & Teller website and then click on the image above the special savings title.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Las Vegas Hilton 6X Destiny Dollars Promotion

The Las Vegas Hilton is running a slot club promotion called "Destiny Dollar Daze" from November 1st 2006 until January 31st 2007. During the promotion slot club members can earn up to 6X points. Visit the Resorts Destination Casino Club at the Las Vegas Hilton for more information.