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Monday, November 14, 2005

MGM Grand From $79 A Night

Okay the MGM Grand isn't usually a cheap skate hotel because it can get real expensive at times. Its a huge hotel-casino resort on the south end of the strip and because of its prime location and amenities is well worth a visit for the right price. During several days in November and December the nightly room rate is $79 which is a great bargain. Follow the link included for more information and check availability.
MGM Grand Link

Monday, November 07, 2005

Stardust Rooms From $49 A Night

The Stardust a large older property on the strip is offering rooms on selected dates from November 13th to January 5th 2006 for $49 a night. This is a good deal for the strip and even though the Stardust is older its a large resort right on the strip. Included with the cheap room rate is 2 free brunch or dinner buffets and 2 for 1 tickets to see The Magic Of Rick Thomas and 2 for 1 tickets to Havana Night club. To get the deal you must book online and use the code WINTER in the special offer code book.
Stardust Link

$29 Airfare From Palm Springs To Las Vegas

Allegiant Air a low cost airline has announced that beginning December 9th they will begin twice weekly service between Palm Springs and Las Vegas with an introductory fare of $29 each way.
Allegiant Air Link

Sunday, November 06, 2005

$32 A Night At Circus Circus On The Strip

The Circus Circus website has a rate of $32 a night for Circus Circus located on the north end of the strip not including taxes. The rate is good for following selected dates in November from the 27th to 30th. The deal is also available in December from the 11th to 15th as well as 18th to 22nd, the rooms are in the Skyrise Tower. Link on the following link for more information or to book the room.
Circus Circus Link

$10 Off Excalibur Room Rates

The Excalibur hotel-casino on the south end off the strip has knocked $10 off there room rates. Rates at this property are usually the cheapest out of large hotels located in this area. One note the walk from your car to your room is a long way but hey its a cheap room in and expensive neighborhood.
Excalibur Hotel Link

American Superstars Show Package

The Stratosphere is offering a package deal for its impersonator show American Superstars; The deal is $44 for each ticket plus two drinks and one dinner buffet and one tower pass.
American Superstars Show Package Link

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Free Champagne And Bloody Marys

Right now at the Westwood Ho on the strip which is closing on November 17th they are giving away free champagne and bloody marys. My guess is you won't be getting christal champagne but hey its free and, free is good for a cheap skate.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cheap Skate Food: Westwood Ho

At the Westwood Ho until it closes November 17th you can get breakfast at the Ca-Fae Restaurant from 7am to 1pm for $6.95 and a pasta and salad bar from 4pm to 10pm for $5.95. **Check with the Westwood Ho for details**

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ebay Sells Imperial Palace Momentos

Ebay has for sale many logo items from the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas they include poker chips, shirts and even plates all bearing the name. Follow the link posted after here to preview the items for sale.
Ebay Imperial Palace Momentos Link

Monday, October 31, 2005

Cheap Skate Transportation: City Bus

Okay if you are a cheap skate there is not many cheaper ways to get around Las Vegas than the city bus or CAT as its called in Las Vegas. The routes run all over town and the fare is $1.25 or $2.00 for the routes on the strip. One note about the two strip routes #301 and #302 the strip express, both of them get real busy at peak times with standing room only and its not uncommon for a full bus not to stop.

Excalibur From MGM Grand Steps

The Excalibur has a fairly inexpensive buffet for this part of the strip but the food is very bland. You are better off going about a mile from this intersection to either the Gold Coast, Palms or for a bit more the Rio.

Free Ice Cream At Westwood Ho

The Westwood Ho a casino-hotel located on the strip is famous for cheap eats but thats going to come to an end when it closes on November 17th. In the afternoon everyday they roll out an ice cream cart for free ice cream at an event they call an ice cream social. Nothing is better for a cheap skate than free food so check this one out while you still can.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cheap Skate Food: Baby Back Ribs

Here is another deal at the Westwood Ho which is known for cheap food deals but unfortunately is closing on November 17th so get this one while you can. The deal is a half slab of baby back ribs for $7.95 or a full slab for $12.95. This deal is in the 24 hour round up grill in the little saterlite casino of the Westwood Ho.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Friday, October 28, 2005

Link For Ten Tips To Save You Money

I have a link that will take you to a site that has 10 tips to save you money in Las Vegas and being a cheap skate any money you can save is good.
Ten Tips To Save Money Link

$8 Breakfast Buffet At Stratosphere

At the Stratosphere on the north strip they have a breakfast buffet for $7.99 in there coffee shop which is called Lucky's. The breakfast buffet is nothing fancy but its okay and as cheap breakfast buffets are getting harder to find this is one option. A note about the Stratosphere it is a bit isolated in its location.

Cheap Skate Food: $3.49 Breakfast At Stratosphere

The Stratosphere on the north end of the strip is currenlty offering 2 eggs with bacon or sausage and hash browns for $3.49 in Lucky's Cafe which is their coffee shop. The coffee shop is kind of 50's art deco vintage Las Vegas and is a nice room and the food generally while nothing special is usually good value for money.

Cheap Skate Show: Viva Las Vegas

Cheap skate shows are getting harder and harder to find in Las Vegas but one time that you can find them is the afternoon shows. They usually have a comedian and a magic act and then maybe some variety act and showgirls. One such show is Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere where they have shows Monday to Saturday at 2pm and 4pm. Don't expect elaborate sets or staging it just good inexpensive family entertainment and hey its cheaper than spending money gambling. I have included a link to get you in for $9.95 plus taxes with the purchase of one drink.
$10 Off Viva Las Vegas Link

$10 Off Coupon For "Bite" At Stratosphere

Okay i have a link for a $10 off coupon for up to four people for the show "Bite" which is playing at the Stratosphere. "Bite" is a erotic vampire show set to classic rock music, a little strange but hey its Las Vegas. It plays nightly at 10pm except Thursdays and you must be 18 and over. (702) 380-7777 Expires 12/30/05
Stratosphere $10 Off "Bite" Link

Cheap Skate Food: Westwood Ho

Okay with the Westwood Ho on the north strip scheduled to close for good on November 17th here are some specials for you to get while you still can.
** 3/4 Mega Dog Hot Dog 14" for $1.49
** 27oz Margarita for 99 cents
**Pizza by the slice for 99 cents (pepperoni or combo $1.25) limit of 2 slices
**Cools Lite Or Heineken for 99 cents bottle
>These specials have been running for a long time but they could change so check with the Westwood Ho first.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rio for $49 A Night

Okay this is a real good deal for a nice property located off the strip about a mile but they do have a free shuttle that runs to Harrahs on the strip. The rooms in the Rio are large and are one of the best deals in town. Right now for select nights in November they have rates for $59 a night which is a good deal but in select nights in December it gets even better with it going down to $49. If I didn't already have comped rooms I would definitely stay here.

Cheap Skate Food: 99 Cent Menu At Riviera

In the penny slot area called Penny Town at the Riviera on the strip they have a snack bar called Hound Doggies thats sells pizza,hot dogs and shrimp cocktails for 99 cents.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

40 oz Gold Spike Lager $2 at Gold Spike

At the Gold Spike in downtown Las Vegas they have a 40 oz Gold Spike Lager available at the bar for $2 and is available 24 hours a day. This isn't the greatest casino but it is a good cheap skate deal and if you need more information about the Gold Spike read my review in the archives.

Free Beer & Wine With Buffet At LV Hilton

This is an interesting deal that the Las Vegas Hilton is running between 5pm and 10pm they have complimentary beer and wine when you eat at the buffet; This offer runs 7 days a week and even though the buffet wouldn't be a cheap skate buffet this does make it more interesting and maybe worth a visit if you have a monorail pass because it has a stop at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

$5 Off All Day Ride Pass At Stratosphere

On top of the Stratosphere tower there are 4 rides "X Scream" where you hang off the side of the tower, "Big Shot" where you get shot up to the tip of the tower, "High Roller" which is a roller coaster around the top of the tower and "Tilt" which spins you around. You can buy each ride separately or buy an all day pass. I have a link to a coupon which you can print out and take with you that will save you $5 off the day pass, just click the link.
Stratosphere Link

Cheap Skate Food: $8 Prime Rib At Four Queens

In the Magnolia Coffee Shop located in the Four Queens is a $7.95 prime meal deal. This is a good deal in a very nice coffee shop which is one of the best downtown and in fact Las Vegas.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while**

Cheap Skate Food: $6 Steak & Eggs

The Flamingo on the center strip has a good steak and eggs dear in their coffee shop Lindys from 11pm to 7am for a price of $5.95. If you are out late night in this area go here instead of the bad buffet at the Boardwalk. I have included a link to their website.
Flamingo Link
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Cheap Skate Food: 99 Cent Hot Dog

A 99 cent 1/2 pound hot dog at the Slots A Fun snack bar in the front of Circus Circus. Its nothing special but tastes okay. They have been running this for years but it could change. Also the Westwood Ho has something called the Mega Dog which i haven't tryed but is 3/4 of a pound and 14" long for $1.49. With the Westwood Ho closing soon i probally won't be able to but will probally live longer because of it lol.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

$3 Off Legends In Concert At Imperial Palace

At the Imperial Palace is the long running and in my opinion the best inpersonation show in Las Vegas its Legends In Concert. Now being the cheap skate i am i have included a link where you can print a coupon to save $3 off the show.

Editors Notes

Thank you for your continued patronage to Cheap Skate Las Vegas Guide your source for deals and money saving coupons and tips for Las Vegas. As you may have noticed i have switched to one color for the entries now this is to make the site easier to read as the many colors against the white backround was hard to see. If you haven't taking advantage of the RSS Feed yet may i suggest you using it because its a great way to view the site and keep updated. Even though cheap skate room deals are getting harder and harder to find, right now is one of the two best times of the year for low rates so click on the ads and review the deals because especially Sunday through Thursday right now can be real bargains.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Southwest Cuts Fares on Las Vegas Flights

Southwest Airlines has cut the fares to $39 each way to 14 day advance tickets to Las Vegas from Phoenix or Southern California. Tickets must be purchased by midnight on Halloween but are good through at least February 3rd 2006. Prices do not include taxes and fees. This is a really good price and cheaper than driving, visit the website for more information.
Customers can take advantage of the $39 one-way fares between the
following cities:
* Between Burbank and Las Vegas or Phoenix.
* Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas or Phoenix.
* Between Ontario and Las Vegas or Phoenix.
* Between San Diego and Las Vegas or Phoenix.
* Between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Southwest Airlinks Link

$4 Off Madame Tussauds Per Person

Okay Madame Tussauds the famous wax museum at the Venetian is usually $22.95 for admission which is a fair price for a good attraction but its not a cheap skate price; I have a link for a coupon which you can print out on your computer and take with you to Las Vegas that will save you $4 per entry and you can use it for up to 4 people.

Flamingo Las Vegas From $55 To $69 A Night

The Flamingo which over the last few years has been remodeled and has one of the best swimming pool areas in town and is located on the center strip is advertising rooms at $55 to $69 a night on most Sunday through Thursdays in November and December; Also include at this great price is 2 breakfast or lunch buffets and 2 admissions to the spa and fitness center as well as 2 for 1 show tickets to either Clint Holmes at Harrahs or Second City at the Flamingo ot Jubliee at Ballys. This is a very good deal for a center strip property which usually isn't cheap skate territory. Click on the link on the sidebar for more information or the link below.

Flamingo Las Vegas

99 Cent Margarita At Westwood Ho

At the Westwood Ho which is closing on November 17th they have many ongoing drink specials one is there 99 cent 27 oz margarita. There isn't much alcohol in this but on a hot day it tastes good, get one while you still can. For $1.49 you can get the same one with Jose Cuervo . Im telling you a lot about specials at the Westwood Ho a lot because this is a place with constant good specials and the time to take advantage of them is running out.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Free Pass To Auto Collection

If you plan to visit the Auto Collection located inside the Imperial Palace, sometimes out front of the casino they have people giving out discounted passes to the museum. Thats one solution for a cheap skate to save money on this fine museum but i have a better one, click on the link and it will take you where you can print out a coupon for free admission to the Auto Collection to take with you on your trip.

$5 Blackjack Matchplay Coupon

Okay here is another coupon link this time one for my favorite casino game Blackjack. As usual clink on the link and print on your computer and then take with you to Las Vegas. This Blackjack coupon is for The New Frontier here is the link.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Discount Coupons For Riviera

Okay here is another link to coupons that you can print out on your computer and take with you on your next trip to Las Vegas. This time they are for the Riviera which is a large older property on the strip. Once you follow the link you have to click on each coupon to print it separately, here is the link.

Rooms From $40 A Night At Sahara is advertising rooms right now starting at $40 a night which is cheap for the strip. The Sahara is a little bit away from the action but it is the last stop on the monorail so it makes for easy access to the other strip properties. Click on the ad in the sidebar for more information.

Coffee For A Nickel At Westwood Ho

Remember when a cup of coffee was only a nickel, okay i don't either but at the Westwood Ho it is only a nickel. Its at the Nickel Nicks snack bar and for another 25 cents you can get a donut to go with it. The Westwood Ho is closing November 17th so take advantage of this offer soon.

Discount Coupons For Tropicana

If you are staying at the Tropicana or plan to visit it i have a link which has discount coupons for the Titanic Exhibition, Folies Bergeres the long running stage show as well as one with a whole load of freebies when you sign up for there slot club. It also includes a discount coupon for food or drink. So click on the link and print the coupons out on your printer and take them with you to Las Vegas, they expire 12/28/05.

Free Nevada Visitor Package Mailed To You

The Nevada Commision On Tourism will mail you a colorful brochure on things to do in Nevada, including amazingly enough things other than gambling are included.
Clink on the link to visit the website where you sign up and you will get the freebie within 10 days.

Free Photo At Imperial Palace

Okay if you are a cheap skate there is nothing better than free. For years at the former Horseshoe now Binions they used to give you a free picture in front of one million dollars in a case at the back of the casino. There is still one place in town that gives you a free photo, the place is out front on the sidewalk of the Imperial Palace. They take you picture for free and then you walk inside to the back of the casino to pick it up and by the time you get there its ready. This is a great deal and also they will hold the photo for up to 24 hours if you want. The Imperial Palace was recently bought by Harrahs so the future of the hotel is in doubt so get this good deal while you can. (702) 731-3311

Cheap Skate Food: 99 Cent Food At Riviera

In the penny slot area called Penny Town at the Riviera on the strip they have a snack bar called Hound Doggies thats sells pizza,hot dogs and shrimp cocktails for 99 cents.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Why Bargains Are Harder To Find

A few years ago at every casino the rooms, shows and buffets were seen as loss leaders to get you in to the casino to gamble. Recently that has changed as casino owners have decided to make them at least brake even instead of being loss leaders. With the consolidation especially on the strip it means discount rooms, shows and buffets are harder to find. One plus is the quality of buffets in general has increased with buffets such as the Spice Market Buffet at the Aladdin offering great food, all be it at a $23 price tag for dinner. Cirque Du Souil which i think means french men bent in a weird angle in tights, okay maybe it doesn't but it showed that people would pay $100 for a show when in the past only Seigfried & Roy cost that much. As Las Vegas goes more and more upscale cheap deals are harder and harder to find. Thats why i started this site to share my knowledge and save people money when they visit Las Vegas.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

RSS Feed Now Available

The RSS feed is now active so you can copy and past the link in to your RSS browser such as Thunderbird or the new one from Google.

Cheap Skate Food: $2.75 Breakfast At El Cortez

The El Cortez downtown offers a graveyard special from 11pm to 7am of a breakfast. The breakfast is $2.75 and includes bacon or sausage with 2 eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Cheap Skate Show: Magic Of Rick Thomas

The Stardust on the strip has a cheap afternoon magic show staring magican Rick Thomas called The Magic Of Rick Thomas, boy how do they think up such clever names. Its your basic magic act including tigers but at a bargain price of $19.95 plus tax and surcharge. With many shows getting more and more elaborate and prices near $100 this is a good deal. The show is every day except Wednesdays and there are shows at 2pm and 4pm. (702) 732-6325

Las Vegas Review Journal For 50 Cents

The Las Vegas Review Journal is one of the two big newspapers in town. If you buy the newspaper in the hotels they wrap it with something they call the Daily Visitor Guide which has tourist information and show information. This can be useful but if you are staying a few days and already have this buying a newspaper outside the hotels or from a rack is only 50 cents without this guide. Hey its only a 50 cent savings but this is the Cheap Skate Las Vegas Guide so any savings is good.

Free Stuff For Hitting Jackpots At El Cortez

The El Cortez downtown is giving out free stuff if you hit a jackpot on there machines, from October 1st to 31st its a free jacket and from November 1st to 30th its free 1,2 and 3lb boxes of See's Candies. You have to be a member of their slot club Jackie's Club Flash but membership is free. Hey if you are going to gamble there anyway free stuff on top of your jackpot win is good.

Cheap Skate Hotel Review: Gold Spike

Okay let me begin by saying the Gold Spike is not for everyone its definitely the lower end of properties. The rooms here are always cheap in the $25 range sometimes less. The Gold Spike casino is small smelly, smoky and the customers can be a little on the weird side. The food in the snack bar is dirt cheap although I tried it once and did live but because of the price the ingredients are cheap too so don't expect much. The rooms are surprisingly nice and a good size but filled with cheap furniture which included a hard bed but it was fine with me. The service can be a little gruff at times but you are staying here because its cheap not because of service or amenities. The casino has low slots and minimums on the few table games although the casino has the charm of a bus station. Its located off on its own downtown and although i have never had a problem some people may not want to walk there at night. If you are looking for a cheap place to crash its here and i would stay here again its definetly a cheap skate hotel but don't expect too much and if you haven't visited Las Vegas before i wouldn't stay here, but if you have been before and just need a cheap bed here it is.

Cheap Skate Buffet: El Cortez

The El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas one block from the end of the Fremont Street Experiance has a breakfast buffet for $5.95. Its your basic breakfast with nothing fancy but hey the price is right.

Cheap Skate Food: SuperMex Restaurant

At East Sunset Road and Pecos is SuperMex which as the name suggests is a mexican restaurant. This is a small chain that is based here in Southern California so i am very familiar with there food. What they are famous for is good mexican food with decent portions at a low price. The food is definitely different than the usual hotel-casino fare which in this case is a good thing. Plus you can wash your food down with a cold margarita or Corona which is good. If you have a car on your visit definitely worth a visit. 3460 E Sunset Rd at Pecos (702) 436-5200

Friday, October 21, 2005

$2 Movie Tickets All Day

If you want to get away from the casinos for a while and are driving i may have an option for you. The Tropicana Cinemas on East Tropicana and Pecos have ticket prices for the amazing low price of $2 all day every day. The six screen theater also sells $2 all beef hot dogs and has some of the lowest concession prices in town. On Friday and Saturday nights at midnight they also show the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I live in Southern California where evening ticket prices are $10 so this is a real bargain. (702) 450-3737

Cheap Skate Buffet: Sahara

Okay the Saraha has consistantly one of the cheaper buffets on the strip. The Sahara is located on the north end of the strip across from Circus Circus. If you have a monorail pass this is the last stop on the monorail so its easy to zip over here for food. Because its one of the cheapest in town doesn't mean its bad, but the food isn't the greatest its kind of like school cafeteria food. Its a little bland and the selection is very meat and potatoes basics. A lot of people conplain about the food here but i have eaten here before and if you are just looking for inexpensive food to keep you going its fine for that. The price for breakfast is $8 and lunch is $9 and dinner is $11 which includes prime rib. Also inside the hotel travel guides there is often a discount coupon for $1 off per person for the buffet which also helps.

Buffet Reviews Information

Okay you won't find reviews of buffets such as the Spice Buffet at the Aladdin which can run $23 per person or the Bellagio or Paris buffet on this site. What you will find are the inexpensive buffets that fill you up so you can head back to gambling or sightseeing. Because these buffets are cheaper generally they use cheaper food than the more expensive ones. The buffets are also likely to have less of a selection of items available than there expensive cousins. My suggestion when visiting is at least have one meal at an expensive buffet but by using the inexpensive ones the rest of the time you can save quite a bit of money.

Welcome To Cheap Skate Las Vegas

Welcome to Cheap Skate Las Vegas a new site that is a sister site to The Las Vegas Guide. While The Las Vegas Guide has some cheap skate food deals listed this site will contain everything in Las Vegas for the bargain traveler to Sin City. As Las Vegas goes more upscale every day finding a cheap meal, room or show gets harder to find but with this guide i will help you find the best deals.