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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cheap Skate Hotel Review: Gold Spike

Okay let me begin by saying the Gold Spike is not for everyone its definitely the lower end of properties. The rooms here are always cheap in the $25 range sometimes less. The Gold Spike casino is small smelly, smoky and the customers can be a little on the weird side. The food in the snack bar is dirt cheap although I tried it once and did live but because of the price the ingredients are cheap too so don't expect much. The rooms are surprisingly nice and a good size but filled with cheap furniture which included a hard bed but it was fine with me. The service can be a little gruff at times but you are staying here because its cheap not because of service or amenities. The casino has low slots and minimums on the few table games although the casino has the charm of a bus station. Its located off on its own downtown and although i have never had a problem some people may not want to walk there at night. If you are looking for a cheap place to crash its here and i would stay here again its definetly a cheap skate hotel but don't expect too much and if you haven't visited Las Vegas before i wouldn't stay here, but if you have been before and just need a cheap bed here it is.

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